Temporary Tattoos

I use two different kinds of temporary tattoos, and each are suitable for a different age group/purpose. Please read the information below carefully before deciding which kind you want.

***NEW*** I have recently acquired a stencil cutting machine! This means I can make custom stencils for your event featuring your own design, such as a company logo or message - make your event unique and memorable for your guests with a tattoo to remind them of it and which they can show to others!

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Reel Creations Body Ink

These designs are applied using an alchohol-activated ink which is painted on with a brush. Some highly realistic designs can be made using these inks, they are Film Industry products. Suitable for photoshoots, promotional events, film shoots, adult parties.

Tattoo of Sting done for Alex Jones of The One Show, September 2013

Kat with Alex Jones after completing a temporary tattoo of Sting for The One ShowTemporary tattoo of Sting done on Alex Jones for the One Show

The design below made it to the final of the 2007 Summer Free For All on the snazaroo.com website.

Celtic dragon tattoo


Airbrush Tattoos

This type of tattoo is done with an airbrush and stencils, the inks come in a large range of colours, including UV reactive!! The airbrush needs a power supply and a well ventilated room. I have about 150 stencil  designs available. The ink lasts 3 - 5 days, depending on how well it is looked after. Due to the amount of kit needed there is a minimum 3-hour rate for these tattoos. Time taken for each tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo and the number of colours used, typical times are 2-3 minutes for a small design (wrist size) up to 10 minutes for a full back design.

Butterfly pink black airbrush spray tattooAirbrush spray tattoo of a lion

UV butterfly in normal lightUV butterfly under blacklight