Halloween Availability

Halloween is a very busy time of year, I am often booked 3 months in advance. I have a MINIMUM BOOKING TIME OF 2 HOURS FOR FACE PAINTING AND/OR BALLOONS. 

The table below shows my current bookings and approximate locations.  Only EMPTY SLOTS are available to be booked. 

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Date  Bookings (morning-afternoon-evening)
    Before 12 12-5 6pm onwards
Thursday 19th October      6-9 Booked
Friday 20th October      
Saturday 21st October      
Sunday 22nd October      
Monday 23rd October      
Tuesday 24th October      
Wednesday 25th October      
Thursday 26th October      
Friday 27th October Dagenham 11-3  
Saturday 28th October Horniman Museum 11-4  
Sunday 29th October    2.30-3.30 booked  
Monday 30th October      
Tuesday 31st October    12-2 Greenwich  
Wednesday 1st November      
Thursday 2nd November      
Friday 3rd November      
Saturday 4th November      
Sunday 5th November      

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